Fusion Grafix has been operating since April 1998, specialising in Corporate Signage.

At Fusion Grafix we strive to meet our clientele needs through clear communication and service. We offer the latest in signage technology. All members and staff constantly attend all the latest signage exhibitions where new ideas, concepts, material etc. are introduced to the industry. Over and above this, we are dedicated to improvement and always seek new approaches to enhance the quality and service we provide.

Fusion Grafix is rich in experience and covers a broad spectrum with regards to all forms of signage, Furthermore, we also have 12 years experience in graphic design, which enables us to provide original ideas with a modern signage approach. Combined with the creativity, dedication and skills of the members and staff at Fusion Grafix we feel confident in handling any signage requirements no matter how big or small.

Our key to success is constant dedication and commitment from our MEMBERS